The Vanity Center... Be Vain!


How does it work? First we want to tell you these are not our photographs, however they did help us decided to buy our Ionithermie equipment and like you I was skeptical. When you understand how it works it make sense.

The first step, body brush for exfoliation and product penetration. Then we apply a slimming product to your body and have you lie on a clay covered mattress that has a sheet of gauze on top,  (so you do not really touch the clay.)

Then we sprinkle a positive solution on the clay and cover you with another sheet of gauze and clay with a negative solution. At this time we plug you into the Galvanic Current. Ionithermie's Galvanic Current is an electrochemial process that propells high concentration of charged substances transdermally. Remember the slimming product, it is now pushed into your epidermal layers that are also more permeable.  This method is well-proven and  has been used in the medical field for years.

To further decrease your size we plug you into another current called faradic.
Faradic Stimuli has been used by physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors and other health professionals to re-educate and rehabilitate muscle tissue and increase muscular activity ( also called passive exercise ) another words you lay down and relax while your muscles flex and contract and do the work for you.

The Vanity Center

3580 Pierce Dr.#140, Chamblee GA. 30341
( inside Shear Salon )



                                     ( 24 Hour cancellation policy )

                                        ( Do not shave your legs the day of  treatment )
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